Make a Design Statement with iola's White Garden Furniture Collection

White garden furniture has never been more in vogue. When it comes to outdoor furniture trends, white garden furniture is very much the new black. The white garden furniture look really took off in 2011 and this outdoor style statement is set to continue well into 2012. Here at iola we love the look so much that we have been working on our stunning white garden furniture designs so that we can offer you the most beautiful white rattan creations in our speciality Rehau rattan fibres.

The beauty of our high-quality, advanced rattan is that, even in white garden furniture designs, it does not tarnish, warp, rot or lose its looks in wind, rain or sun. All year round the iola blend of industry-leading materials and the very best hand-weaving ensures that the white garden furniture we create looks immaculate and absolutely gorgeous.

We love the way that white garden furniture looks in a huge range of environments. Whether your outdoor area is sleek and minimalist or a verdant jungle paradise, white garden furniture adds a truly sophisticated designer edge.

Excitingly, our entire rattan furniture collection is now available in our signature White Wash rattan fibre. This white garden furniture option has been snapped up by style-conscious customers and garden designers both in the UK and across Australasia. No other vendor in the UK supplies a greater range of premium white garden furniture and, if you have any unique requirements, we can even create bespoke white garden furniture especially for you.

Our white garden furniture collection has been especially popular with leading hotels and businesses. The striking, clean, minimalist look of white garden furniture gives hotels, bars, restaurants and other businesses a real style edge which impresses and entices clientèle. If you are interested in using our white garden furniture to help you stand out from the competition you may be pleased to know that all of our white garden furniture can be supplied on a contract basis.

To view our white garden furniture collection please explore the rest of the iola site or order a catalogue today. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding your white garden furniture requirements please call 01483 277 266  today.


Indian Ocean Furniture

Countries in the Indian Ocean are per capita the biggest users of rattan garden furniture. In fact all types of outdoor furniture. Countries such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and the Seychelles. If you are looking for Indian Ocean furniture please take a look at our quality guide to discover why our 316 marine grade stainless steel is ideal for Coastal properties. If you are looking for premium quality Indian Ocean Furniture contact iola today


What Makes Truly All Weather Garden Furniture?

All sorts of vendors claim that their items are 'all weather garden furniture’. Unfortunately, the pieces this claim refers to usually can be used in all weathers but probably won’t survive the ordeal!

For the most part, items which claim to be ‘all weather garden furniture’ are usually cut out for low rain climates but very little else. They simply do not hold up under English summer rain, let alone British Autumn, Spring and Winter downpours…

Truly all weather garden furniture simply doesn’t exist because there’s no such thing as a waterproof cushion! Here at iola we’ve almost cracked the problem – this means that our pieces are as close to all weather garden furniture as you’re going to get!

It’s impossible to water-proof a cushion, but you can design a cushion which will not be affected by water. By using this idea, iola have created cushions which let water pass very quickly through them. This means that they dry very quickly and do not have prolonged contact with water which could cause them to rot or mould.

To achieve this we use the very best performance Sunbrella marine grade fabrics in our (very nearly) all weather garden furniture. These fabrics allow water to pass through them quickly, minimising weather damage, and keeping your furniture dry and usable when you need it!

The foam used in our (nearly) all weather garden furniture is also specially designed to allow water to seep through without causing harm. The foam which pads our cushions is made from marine reticulated foam – designed for use on the water – perfect for garden furniture in rainier climes!

We won’t tell a lie though, there are some weather phenomena which out ‘all weather’ garden furniture won’t survive. Tornadoes, hurricanes, a direct lightening hit and another ice age are probably not going to do beautiful iola designs any favours – any other conditions our sturdy, yet stunning, well designed pieces can handle with aplomb!

To learn more about iola all weather garden furniture, explore our range today, or speak with our team on 01483 277 266 today.


The iola Rattan Dining Furniture Collection

At iola we believe our rattan dining furniture is the finest quality available on the market. Whether you’re looking for rattan dining furniture for commercial or domestic use, you can be certain that iola rattan dining furniture will look gorgeous and perform perfectly. So what’s the secret to the beauty and functionality of our rattan dining furniture range? In this blog we’ll be taking a look at some of our favourite rattan dining furniture pieces and the materials and techniques which make iola items so special.

The Construction
The core of any well-performing rattan dining furniture is its construction. To ensure our chairs and tables are stable we start with a commercial grade frame and design our pieces to have no joins. This increases stability and makes sure that your iola rattan garden furniture lasts and lasts.

The Materials
The glass we use is 10mm thick to guarantee quality and performance, but this is just the start. We use our signature German-engineered, Rehau Stressflex, high-performance polymer fibres in our rattan dining furniture designs. These carefully sourced fibres are ten times stronger than the PVC and natural alternative, with built-in weather resistance and flexibility too. Meanwhile, the frames used in iola rattan dining furniture are made of marine-grade steel, combined with marine reticulated foam and Sunbrella fabric to ensure our designs are perfect for long-term outdoor use.

The Design

Our rattan dining furniture is also perfectly crafted by a team comprised of award-winning designers and Cebu master weavers. This ensures that our pieces are as good-looking as they are well-performing. Who says you have to choose between beauty and functionality? Not us!

Our Collections
With nine stunning rattan dining furniture collections and a mix & match option, we create rattan dining furniture to suit all tastes. Whether you love sleek, minimalist design (see our Azzuro collection) or innovative, design-statements (the Folio collection is truly unique), you’ll find a set that will look perfect in your garden, bar, café or restaurant. We specialise in 10-seater rattan dining sets as well as 12-seater rattan dining sets. We also cater for 4 to 8-seater dining tables as well.

Explore the iola rattan dining furniture collection today. If you’d like to talk further about your requirements, please get in touch on 01483 277 266 or at today.


Black Rattan Furniture

iola is the only supplier of german fibre  in black rattan garden furniture in black (carbon black) rehau. Please take a look online or visit us in store to view our exceptional rattan garden furniture. Also available:


Black rattan dining table

Black rattan chairs

Black rattan sofas

Black rattan sun loungers

Black rattan sets

Other colours include bronze, White (White Wash), Slate, Stone and platinum rattan furniture


Contract rattan furniture supplier

iola has a reputation for producing the highest quality commercial rattan furniture on the market. We work with a number of designers and specifiers to create that unique outdoor space. Our rattan furniture utilises german rattan fibre from rehau and solution dyed acrylics from Sunbrella. As iola is also the manufacturer we can also supply rattan furniture in your own designs or unique colors.

If you are undertaking a coastal project we feel our use of 316  marine grade stainless steel is also real advantage. iola, the contract furniture specialists


Sunbrella fabric on your rattan garden furniture

At iola we use Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella has been the market leader in performance marine fabrics for 50 years. Made in the US to exacting standards which literally hundreds of patters, plains and stripes. Why is Sunbrella a must have? Being a solution dyed acrylic, Sunbrella fabric will retain its vibrant colour in the harshest of environments. We use Sunbrella in Australia and New Zealand also. Countries which have brutally high U.V ratings. Even the climate there can not fade or rot this wonder fabric. Soft to the touch, using Sunbrella is like using the indoor fabrics we are all used to. Not only is Sunbrella fade resistant, it is highly stain resistance. I would say stain proof. Oils, grease, red wine. It can all be removed from Sunbrella.


As always, the use of this branded fabric is a must have on any quality furniture.


At iola we also use marine reticulated foam which enables 12 month outdoor performance. You do not have to take our cushions indoors, even if it rains heavily. Take a look online and find out why iola rattan furniture is the market leader.




What is rattan furniture

Rattan garden furniture covers a broad range of materials. Essentially it is a synthetic rattan (in PE polyethylene form) which is designed for permanent outdoor and high sunlight use. The materials used included:


  • the rattan fibre (weaving material)
  • the alloy frame and associated welding techniques
  • powder coating
  • weavers manually create the product
  • cushions and fabrics


The market in the UK is fragmented. 90% of the market is flooded with cheap PVC and polyester fabric cushions using indoor foams and 1.2mm gauge alloy. It is a fact that all rattan furniture uses alloy due to it's strength and light weight. All rattan furniture is made in various parts of Asia. There are German, Italian and French vendors all claiming European this and that but no rattan garden product is manufactured in Europe because there is simply no skill base and labour costs are too high. Some of our products take 27 days to weave!

We believe a good product will use a German, branded rattan fibre. The frame should be greater than 1.5mm, that the best weavers in the world originated in Cebu. That solution dyed acrylics are the best performance fabrics and reticulated foams should be used in marine applications. Ask your vendor whether their furniture stacks up. At the low end of the market, cheap means just that. There is no such thing as a bargain in this industry. However there is some very expensive product that is lacking in what we think are quality materials.

Why is all of this so important? Because a product using poor materials will be woven hastily and poorly and one break will result in the product failing. The truth about rattan furniture is that it can be a beautiful addition to the garden, poolside or deck with longevity of a decade or more (our materials are warranted for 7/10 years by the manufacturer) however you get what you pay for to a point. In many respects Europe is fortunate to have relatively low U.V levels. In Australia and New Zealand, where our furniture originated, the mostly low spec furniture sold here would break down in 18 months. If you are a discerning buyer, please ask your vendor to support their claims relating to their outdoor furniture.



Rattan bar stools




iola manufacturers the most sylish bar stools and bar leaners on the market. Pictured is the Azzurro Bar leaner and stool as well as the Lily bar stool in our signature german rattan fibre colour Slate and white wash. Also available in:


Bronze rattan

white wash rattan

carbon black rattan

stone rattan


Rehau of Germany are recognised as the manufacturers of the highest quality rattan fibre on the market. 


What does 'Quality' really mean

Every vendor selling rattan furniture uses the terms quality, high quality, highest quality. In 99% of cases it is all nonsense. The raw materials within our industry have clear and undisputed leaders. For fibre the Germans have it covered. Rehau(TM) and Hularo(TM) are both considered to be exceptional products. Vibrant colours, through dyed and no PVC. If you are unsure what you are looking at ask the supplier what fibre brand they use. Rehau and Hularo are by far the best. Ecolene and Viro from Indonesia are solid middle market fibres also. Any other brands should be avoided as it's quality and material composition is unknown, is odds on contains PVC which breaks down in sunlight and is a sign of a cheap, poor product. We believe it is disingenuous to claim these sorts of products to be 'quality' and certainly not 'best quality'. Please read our other blog posts on the various cushion foams and fabrics used within our industry. iola is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer and is an industry expert. We only sell premium rattan garden furniture and we are the leading supplier to the discerning market in the UK. Supplying Europe

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