Rattan effect garden furniture: The beauty of rattan, but durable

When people talk about rattan effect garden furniture, what they mean is synthetic rattan. The materials used in rattan effect garden furniture are generally PE rattan, poly rattan or man-made versions of the natural vine which used to be harvested to make rattan furniture. The synthetic side of the business came about because the natural product cannot withstand rain, UV or high moisture conditions. In short, natural rattan will rot if left outside.

This is where rattan effect garden furniture, and iola, come in! Our rattan effect garden furniture is not traditional rattan, yet it is also not a cheap substitute. Some strains of rattan effect garden furniture are made from very low-quality, ‘plastic-y’ man-made materials which look dreadful and perform badly too.

This is not the case at iola. We use the very best, German-engineered synthetic rattan which has been expertly developed to look just like the real thing but offer incredible durability, weather resistance and flexibility. We’ve kept the gorgeous soul of real rattan but given it a smart, modern twist.

The fibres we use in our rattan effect garden furniture are five times more durable than conventional synthetics and sourced from leading German manufacturers. 90% of rattan effect garden furniture suppliers source their materials from Chinese providers. These Chinese fibres are typically made of PVC which has a normal life span of just 12 months. When you choose iola furniture you are buying beautifully designed furniture which will look chic and last perfectly for years and years – whatever the weather!

The quality of the materials behind our rattan effect garden furniture allows us to create impressive and innovative contemporary designs. Our fibres have increased flexibility, allowing our talented Cebu weavers and leading designers to take rattan to places it has never been before!

If you’d like to learn more about our rattan effect garden furniture, please take a look at exactly what we can do in our online collection. Alternatively, please get in touch with our team on 01483 277 266 today.

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