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Christmas is almost upon us and we thought it time to reflect on last season. The internet proved to be a strong marketing tool for all of us in the industry. It is also a place where wild claims and down right falsehoods are promulgated.

In 2011 a new supplier hit the internet claiming 100 years in the industry(a bit rich when they had 2 months experience). Sure they didn't say what industry exactly but the inference was clear. To cut a long story short they were short on the truth and long on claims. Eights months on they are out of the retail business. Why? Many reasons. They thought they could copy our format, claim to be experts and the public would flock. I personally inspected their furniture at the earls court show. It was terribly woven. This was furniture on display! It showing large gaps, frame exposed, missing paint from the frame (you shouldn't even see the frame). They were very good at using quality materials but their weavers were low end and unskilled. They are still showing photo's on their site which show very poor workmanship. The irony is their USP is that they sell a premium product. They proudly display these images and they are quite poor-they cant spot it. 

What is our point? Believe nothing you read on the internet. Go and inspect what you are buying. Talk to the vendor and gauge for yourself whether they know their onions. There is a lot more to quality rattan furniture than simply using decent raw materials.

In New Zealand we pioneered the use of marine grade stainless steel in our Modular feet. On an average furniture piece there is 1500g of stainless steel which has been integrated into certain parts of the furniture. It is a substantial and costly choice of raw material. So when a competitor also claims to use these materials but it transpires the stainless steel is limited to a few screws we do have a bit of a chuckle. They think the public are stupid. Our customers ask a lot of questions and when they turn up at our showroom they have read much of our site content. 

At iola we are used to other vendors misappropriating our ideas. They can go right ahead as we know they will never replicate our quality, our design or our workmanship. It amazes me how many sellers there are on the internet selling some pretty rotten furniture. Most of them also sell on Ebay. Not everyone can afford better quality furniture. There is nothing wrong with that. But to call it the best made product on the market is laughable.

iola is a rattan furniture specialist catering for discerning buyers. Our furniture is exceptional. We have not come across any other retailer in the UK selling a product equal to ours. In New Zealand we are the market leaders in retail and commercial woven furniture. There is a very good reason why this is. We are passionate about what we do and we are rattan rattan furniture experts.


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