What does 'Quality' really mean

Every vendor selling rattan furniture uses the terms quality, high quality, highest quality. In 99% of cases it is all nonsense. The raw materials within our industry have clear and undisputed leaders. For fibre the Germans have it covered. Rehau(TM) and Hularo(TM) are both considered to be exceptional products. Vibrant colours, through dyed and no PVC. If you are unsure what you are looking at ask the supplier what fibre brand they use. Rehau and Hularo are by far the best. Ecolene and Viro from Indonesia are solid middle market fibres also. Any other brands should be avoided as it's quality and material composition is unknown, is odds on contains PVC which breaks down in sunlight and is a sign of a cheap, poor product. We believe it is disingenuous to claim these sorts of products to be 'quality' and certainly not 'best quality'. Please read our other blog posts on the various cushion foams and fabrics used within our industry. iola is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer and is an industry expert. We only sell premium rattan garden furniture and we are the leading supplier to the discerning market in the UK. Supplying Europe

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