Get Ready for Spring Sunshine with Rattan Sun Loungers

The weather outside may be frightful but it is never too early to invest in superior, high end rattan sun loungers from iola. There is so much to love about iola products but one thing which makes iola rattan sun loungers really special is that they are completely weather resistant, UV resistant and built to survive all conditions short of a hurricane!

The English spring is yet to kick off but it is most definitely in the air. Meteorologists are predicting a changeable spring with beautiful, balmy days interspersed with cloudier, cooler days so prepare to make the most of the spring sunshine when you can with our brilliantly weather-resistant, contemporary rattan sun loungers. iola rattan sun loungers will give you the opportunity to enjoy the spring sun in style and, on less-than-lovely days, your iola pieces will stay pristine in preparation for sunny days out in the garden with a good book.

The British spring is notoriously unreliable but you can depend on iola rattan sun loungers to last and last, no matter how severe the April showers! The key to the dependability of our rattan sun loungers collection is the materials we use. We use the highest quality polymer fibres created by expert German manufacturers Rehau. Unlike traditional or inferior rattan fibres used by many manufacturers, their highly advanced Stressflex (TM) fibres will not warp, bleach, weaken or break, even in heavy wind and rain.

Meanwhile, the exceptional Sunbrella fabrics and marine grade foam we use in our designs are specially created to drain moisture, ensuring that any cushions and fabrics do not rot, mould or become waterlogged.

Us Brits are eternally optimistic when it comes to spring weather so make sure that you are prepared to enjoy the sunshine we do get by browsing our gorgeous collection of fully weather-resistant rattan sun loungers.

If you would like to learn more about the iola collection of stylish rattan sun loungers explore our range online, read all about our industry-leading materials or call our team on 01483 277 266 today.

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