iola Put the ‘Design’ into Designer Garden Furniture

Are you tired of purportedly ‘designer’ garden furniture which fails to deliver on inspiration and innovation? So are we. That is why we only create designer garden furniture which is strong on design and high in creativity – to give your outdoor areas a real design edge.

We often receive enquiries regarding products such as pedestal dining tables, dining tables with umbrellas holes and cube dining sets. Unfortunately we do not deal with these types of garden furniture as they do not fulfil our requirement for exceptional garden furniture design. These products are available in every garden centre in the country and iola refuse to be run-of-the-mill.

If you are looking for true designer garden furniture, take a look at the iola sail bed. The beautiful sail bed was dreamt up by our fantastic design team and the inspiration for its unique construction was taken from the architecture of the Sydney Opera House. This is real designer garden furniture, putting the art back into outdoor living.

You’ll find even more designer garden furniture inspiration right across the iola range. Many of our designer garden furniture products are completely unique meaning you will not see any other designer garden furniture like it anywhere else.

So how do iola manage to consistently design and manufacture such original and outstanding designer garden furniture?

The reason is simple. We use the most talented designers and the most talented manufacturers to create a high end designer garden furniture collection which is very difficult to manufacture and therefore almost impossible to emulate.

If you are looking for an exceptional designer garden furniture collection that combines leading design with unbeatable quality and functionality, please contact us to discover more about our fabulous designer garden furniture range. You can contact iola on 01483 277 266 or send any email enquiries to info@iolafurniture.co.uk  today.

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