How the Right Commercial Garden Furniture Can Help Local Business

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for many local businesses in the catering trade to start to think about their summer trade.  Attracting more customers through the summer months is essential to many businesses and simple changes to the exterior of your café or restaurant can make a big difference.

Commercial garden furniture, for example, is one of those investments that will ensure your customers have somewhere pleasant to sit and relax.  Choosing the right furniture is important as you need your chairs and tables to give you many years of reliable use.  Rattan commercial garden furniture offers something to suit any type of catering business.  For the contemporary wine bars and bistros, the rattan cube set offers sophistication and sleek lines without looking bland or boxy and, because the chairs are cushioned, you can be sure your customers can lounge in complete comfort. 

For the more traditional eateries, there are some fantastic rattan sofas and chairs that come complete with parasols.  These items of furniture let you create welcoming spaces outside your establishment and certainly make a change from run-of-the-mill wobbly metal chairs and tables. 

The great thing about rattan as commercial garden furniture is that it requires almost no maintenance.  The problem with metal furniture is that it can be prone to rust, whilst wooden furniture needs frequent, intensive maintenance to keep it looking good.  Rattan, on the other hand, is coated with a special resin that makes it resistant to the elements.  However, it’s a good idea to look into rattan furniture covers when considering this furniture.

If you are really looking to create an impact and if you have the budget, rattan day beds can really add an exotic, exciting feel to your outdoor space.  Usually found poolside in the world’s best hotels, these day beds offer a unique and exciting place for groups of friends or couples to chill out.  Many bars hire these out by the hour, they are that popular! 

Finding commercial garden furniture is easy thanks to the myriad of retailers stocking these items online, but it’s important to check the grade of the furniture and that it can withstand heavy use and being exposed to the elements.  There are some inferior products out there to be aware of, but in the most part, commercial rattan furniture is robust, attractive and stylish.  Oh, and it’s affordable too!  Compared to many of its wooden counterparts, rattan commercial furniture offers a much higher return on investment. 

People see cushions, they want to sit.  People see a nice comfortable area with chairs that don’t scrape or creak every time they move.  Those people are your customers and, with summer almost upon us, they could be relaxing on your patio whilst upping your profits! 


Stunning Contract Outdoor Furniture for your Business

iola create cutting edge commercial outdoor furniture that is beautifully low maintenance and incredibly durable. These are just a few of the factors behind the popularity of our contract outdoor furniture. iola contract outdoor furniture is used in the very best hotels, bars, spas and restaurants, proof of its high quality and stunning, contemporary appeal. You’ll find our commercial outdoor furniture in hotels and resorts including Jumeirah hotels, the Hilton Abu Dhabi, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and Virgin Active resorts.

Our contract outdoor furniture is used in the best locations in the world, because it is the best commercial outdoor furniture in the wicker, rattan and woven sector of the market. Using a blend of superb modern design and industry-leading materials, along with the skills of the best weavers in the world, iola create contemporary, contract outdoor furniture that is simply superior to the competition.

Our contract outdoor furniture collection is constantly evolving. For 2012 our exceptional range of commercial outdoor furniture is launching innovative new pavilions, rattan cabanas, twin sun loungers, cafe style centre pole tables and umbrellas to enhance your outdoor areas.

When you’re searching for the perfect commercial outdoor furniture for your establishment there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Contract outdoor furniture should not simply look good; it must also represent your business. The forward-thinking, classically rooted beauty of iola’s commercial outdoor furniture will add a tasteful, modern design edge to any outdoor area, impressing and attracting customers.

Commercial outdoor furniture must also perform well. As iola’s contract garden furniture uses advanced, German-manufactured Rehau Stressflex fibres it is guaranteed to stay in perfect shape for years, whatever the weather.

If you are discerning and are looking for a premium commercial outdoor furniture product to enhance your establishment then please contact us today. You can get in touch with iola on 01483 277 266 to discuss our commercial outdoor furniture collection.

Just some of the premier hotels and resorts that use our contract outdoor furniture include:


Exceptional commercial garden furniture from iola

All too often, commercial garden furniture sacrifices beauty for functionality. As a thriving business, iola understand that practicality and ease are key concerns for any bar, restaurant, spa, hotel or café. Fortunately the commercial garden furniture we produce has been designed to offer the very best of both worlds: exceptional performance in all weathers, and stunning, cutting-edge designs you will not find anywhere else.

We deal at the quality and premium end of the hotel, hospitality and leisure markets. When the Sofitel Resort & Spa wanted high-performance German materials they came to iola. When Virgin Active wanted a superior designer-lead rattan sun lounger they came to iola.

Whether its stackable rattan garden chairs, an exquisite 1 metre square table with marine grade stainless steel (316) or a luxury weather-resistant garden sofa made from marine foams and market-leading Sunbrella fabrics, iola have the perfect, high-quality solution to your commercial garden furniture needs.

We are experienced in supplying high-quality commercial garden furniture to a wide range of commercial enterprises. From the luxurious, style-conscious Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Hilton Abu Dhabi, to clients like Mövenpick and Virgin Active who rely on great looking commercial garden furniture which stays that way, even in testing conditions.

The secret to the functionality and beauty of iola commercial garden furniture lies with the materials we use and the team who put them all together. From our inspiring design team, to our talented master-weavers in Cebu (the Mecca of rattan!), the iola team work hard to turn world-leading, German-engineered polymer fibres into truly superb, iconic furniture to set off your premises perfectly.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using iola’s commercial garden furniture in your establishment please explore the rest of our range today, or call the iola team on 01483 277 266. We are even able to offer bespoke commercial garden furniture, so if you have any inspiration of your own, we would love to hear from you.

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