Bespoke Rattan Garden Furniture

Ever notice how 99% of all internet based rattan furniture dealers sell the same furniture? It is a fact that 75% of all of the UK rattan furniture comes from 10 factories in China. These factories use identical materials, the weaving staff do the rounds and they copy each other to the point that the industry is commoditised at the low end of the market. 


It is not hype or puffery when we say that iola are the ONLY rattan furniture dealer who can create true bespoke rattan furniture. One off iterations from our collection. We get asked regularly to copy something a customer has seen in a book or at a hotel. We politely decline. All of our work is original. The point we are trying to make is that all good quality manufacturers focus on particular themes and colourways and it is very difficult to obtain a small number of units to suit a retail customer (volume is the norm). But at iola we realised that our customers are as individual as our furniture and we do our best to accommodate.

Take a dining table. Ever seen a 12 seater rattan dining table? We mean a proper 12 seater that allows generous space between the chairs as opposed to something similar to a sardine can. Our 12 seater tables are 3M long! One piece and in any one of our colour ways. Bronze, White Wash etc. The reason we can do this is that we own our factory. No other UK supplier is in this position. We control what we make and can alter dimensions to suit our customers needs.


iola is a high end quality garden furniture dealer who only uses the very best raw materials in the industry. iola means luxury rattan furniture that lasts

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