What Makes Truly All Weather Garden Furniture?

All sorts of vendors claim that their items are 'all weather garden furniture’. Unfortunately, the pieces this claim refers to usually can be used in all weathers but probably won’t survive the ordeal!

For the most part, items which claim to be ‘all weather garden furniture’ are usually cut out for low rain climates but very little else. They simply do not hold up under English summer rain, let alone British Autumn, Spring and Winter downpours…

Truly all weather garden furniture simply doesn’t exist because there’s no such thing as a waterproof cushion! Here at iola we’ve almost cracked the problem – this means that our pieces are as close to all weather garden furniture as you’re going to get!

It’s impossible to water-proof a cushion, but you can design a cushion which will not be affected by water. By using this idea, iola have created cushions which let water pass very quickly through them. This means that they dry very quickly and do not have prolonged contact with water which could cause them to rot or mould.

To achieve this we use the very best performance Sunbrella marine grade fabrics in our (very nearly) all weather garden furniture. These fabrics allow water to pass through them quickly, minimising weather damage, and keeping your furniture dry and usable when you need it!

The foam used in our (nearly) all weather garden furniture is also specially designed to allow water to seep through without causing harm. The foam which pads our cushions is made from marine reticulated foam – designed for use on the water – perfect for garden furniture in rainier climes!

We won’t tell a lie though, there are some weather phenomena which out ‘all weather’ garden furniture won’t survive. Tornadoes, hurricanes, a direct lightening hit and another ice age are probably not going to do beautiful iola designs any favours – any other conditions our sturdy, yet stunning, well designed pieces can handle with aplomb!

To learn more about iola all weather garden furniture, explore our range today, or speak with our team on 01483 277 266 today.

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