Luxury Garden Furniture: What Makes True Luxury?

The terms ‘luxury rattan garden furniture’ and ‘luxury garden furniture’ get peddled about rather a lot these days. Unfortunately these are terms which are frequently abused, attached to products which fall short of the high standards that luxury garden furniture should entail.

At iola we think that ‘luxury rattan garden furniture’ should be just that: pure luxury. But what makes luxury garden furniture so luxurious? We believe it is a combination of the very best materials, designs and craftsmanship…

The Very Best Materials

So often internet sites throw around descriptions like: ’luxury rattan garden furniture’, ‘quality’ and ‘premium’, but never quite manage to explain why their products deserve these accolades. Here at iola we can absolutely justify our luxury rattan garden furniture label:

We use the absolute highest quality materials available in the industry - quality materials from Germany, the United Kingdom and the U.S. Every raw material we use is the global leader in its field, including 316 marine grade stainless steel and marine reticulated foam. This is just one small part of how we’ve made our name as creators of true, luxury rattan garden furniture.

Leading Contemporary Design

You will not find luxury garden furniture like ours so ld by anyone else. Take the iola sail bed for example. Our sail bed is the perfect example of a piece of luxury rattan garden furniture: a unique creation which takes 30 days to hand-weave, by the very best weavers in the world.

Superior Manufacturing Techniques

A critical aspect of any product claiming to be luxury garden furniture is its construction. Only the very best weaving techniques result in real luxury rattan garden furniture.
In this respect iola have very few true competitors. Few purported ‘luxury’ rattan garden furniture manufacturers can meet the standards we set when it comes to construction. To find out why please read our 'iola Quality’ section which explains in detail the various weaving techniques we work with.

Our entire luxury rattan garden furniture collection is available in a wide range of colours including white wash, slate and black. If you’re looking for premium, bespoke luxury rattan garden furniture we can also manufacture one-off designs for our special clients.

If you are interested in high quality, luxury rattan garden furniture then please contact us. We cater for the retail, contract and hotel markets, ensuring that luxury means luxury. To learn more about our luxury garden furniture or to make any enquiry please call 01483 277 266 or email


Stunning Contract Outdoor Furniture for your Business

iola create cutting edge commercial outdoor furniture that is beautifully low maintenance and incredibly durable. These are just a few of the factors behind the popularity of our contract outdoor furniture. iola contract outdoor furniture is used in the very best hotels, bars, spas and restaurants, proof of its high quality and stunning, contemporary appeal. You’ll find our commercial outdoor furniture in hotels and resorts including Jumeirah hotels, the Hilton Abu Dhabi, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and Virgin Active resorts.

Our contract outdoor furniture is used in the best locations in the world, because it is the best commercial outdoor furniture in the wicker, rattan and woven sector of the market. Using a blend of superb modern design and industry-leading materials, along with the skills of the best weavers in the world, iola create contemporary, contract outdoor furniture that is simply superior to the competition.

Our contract outdoor furniture collection is constantly evolving. For 2012 our exceptional range of commercial outdoor furniture is launching innovative new pavilions, rattan cabanas, twin sun loungers, cafe style centre pole tables and umbrellas to enhance your outdoor areas.

When you’re searching for the perfect commercial outdoor furniture for your establishment there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Contract outdoor furniture should not simply look good; it must also represent your business. The forward-thinking, classically rooted beauty of iola’s commercial outdoor furniture will add a tasteful, modern design edge to any outdoor area, impressing and attracting customers.

Commercial outdoor furniture must also perform well. As iola’s contract garden furniture uses advanced, German-manufactured Rehau Stressflex fibres it is guaranteed to stay in perfect shape for years, whatever the weather.

If you are discerning and are looking for a premium commercial outdoor furniture product to enhance your establishment then please contact us today. You can get in touch with iola on 01483 277 266 to discuss our commercial outdoor furniture collection.

Just some of the premier hotels and resorts that use our contract outdoor furniture include:


Exceptional commercial garden furniture from iola

All too often, commercial garden furniture sacrifices beauty for functionality. As a thriving business, iola understand that practicality and ease are key concerns for any bar, restaurant, spa, hotel or café. Fortunately the commercial garden furniture we produce has been designed to offer the very best of both worlds: exceptional performance in all weathers, and stunning, cutting-edge designs you will not find anywhere else.

We deal at the quality and premium end of the hotel, hospitality and leisure markets. When the Sofitel Resort & Spa wanted high-performance German materials they came to iola. When Virgin Active wanted a superior designer-lead rattan sun lounger they came to iola.

Whether its stackable rattan garden chairs, an exquisite 1 metre square table with marine grade stainless steel (316) or a luxury weather-resistant garden sofa made from marine foams and market-leading Sunbrella fabrics, iola have the perfect, high-quality solution to your commercial garden furniture needs.

We are experienced in supplying high-quality commercial garden furniture to a wide range of commercial enterprises. From the luxurious, style-conscious Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Hilton Abu Dhabi, to clients like Mövenpick and Virgin Active who rely on great looking commercial garden furniture which stays that way, even in testing conditions.

The secret to the functionality and beauty of iola commercial garden furniture lies with the materials we use and the team who put them all together. From our inspiring design team, to our talented master-weavers in Cebu (the Mecca of rattan!), the iola team work hard to turn world-leading, German-engineered polymer fibres into truly superb, iconic furniture to set off your premises perfectly.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using iola’s commercial garden furniture in your establishment please explore the rest of our range today, or call the iola team on 01483 277 266. We are even able to offer bespoke commercial garden furniture, so if you have any inspiration of your own, we would love to hear from you.


Inspiring Designs in the iola Rattan Dining Chairs Collection

All too often it is assumed that garden furniture can either be stylish or functional – but not both. Here at iola we disagree. That’s why every piece of outdoor furniture we design, from sunbeds to rattan dining chairs, has been created to be beautiful and work perfectly come rain or shine.

We’re so proud of our contemporary rattan dining chairs designs that we’d like to offer you a closer look at the creations in our collection. From Allegre to Siena, our rattan dining chairs are available in 12 different styles. Each style is unique, innovative and brings a completely different feel to any gardens they ornament.

In this blog we’ll be taking a look at a handful of iola rattan dining chairs ranges including the very special Aura wing chair and the popular Canella range.


Utilising our famously high quality materials and our world-renowned Cebu weavers, the chic, sleek Allegre rattan dining chairs are perfectly designed and brilliantly weather resistant. Available in six rattan colours and more than 12 beautiful, Sunbrella weatherproof fabrics, you can make this classic, laidback and understated design your own.







Aura Wing Chairs

Designed as a tribute to the classic Eames chair, our beautiful Aura wing rattan dining chairs are innovative and classic all at once. Combining comfort, quality and beauty these rattan dining chairs are the perfect accompaniment to gardens of all styles.








Canella rattan dining chairs are one of our most well-loved designs. With a modern-retro twist that combines a 60s bubble shape with a 21st century ethos, these chairs put the fun into functional. Canella rattan dining chairs are available in a wide range of fibre and fabric colours, making it easy to create the perfect look for your little slice of paradise.











Chic, angular and uncompromisingly modern. If sophistication and style consciousness is your trademark, these rattan dining chairs, with accompanying sofa and foot stools, are the perfect furniture statement for your garden.







The above is just a taster of the iola rattan dining chairs collection. If this has whetted your appetite for intelligently designed, high performance rattan dining chairs and furniture, please browse the rest of our collection online or call the iola team for more information.


Luxury materials, luxury rattan garden furniture - the iola ethos

It is a common cliché that “the clothes maketh the man.” Well, here at iola, we believe that “the materials maketh the luxury rattan garden furniture”! The very best furniture for your garden will always be the sum of its parts and, if its parts aren’t up to scratch, you’ll find that you’re left with a less than beautiful (and less than durable) piece of gardenware.

iola’s luxury rattan garden furniture is different. Many people will tell you that, if you want beauty from garden furniture, you will have to compromise on functionality – and vice versa. As passionate designers, manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality, widely loved luxury rattan garden furniture, we respectfully disagree.

Our stunning, luxury rattan garden furniture incorporates the very best of both worlds: The beauty of cutting edge, contemporary design and the extreme practicality of high-performance, all-weather pieces. We believe that it is this blend of true beauty and true functionality which gives our luxury rattan garden furniture its luxurious name!

The key to this ‘real luxury’ lies with the materials we use. They don’t simply last perfectly and perform magnificently, they also make previously unimagined, modern designs possible. We use German-engineered Rehau Stressflex ™ polymer fibres in all of our luxury rattan furniture designs. This allows our master weavers in Cebu to create garden furniture which looks like no other available on the market. It is not just flexible, it is also extremely strong, extremely durable and incredibly weather resistant.

Meanwhile, our fabrics are made of the very best, waterproof Sunbrella fabric, whilst cushions and metal fixtures are made from marine grade foam and stainless steel. Not only do these materials look beautiful – they stay looking beautiful.

iola furniture means luxury in the purest sense. If you are a discerning buyer and are looking for a very high quality rattan furniture product whilst still being affordable then please make sure you contact us to view our furniture in store before making that buying decision.


What’s so special about iola’s white rattan furniture?

White is not usually considered a practical colour choice for furniture, let alone garden furniture. Yet in natural garden surroundings, white rattan furniture can look absolutely stunning. The contrast between the natural world and sleek, white, minimalistic designs has real visual impact and is becoming an increasingly popular contemporary garden choice.

So how can you enjoy the beauty of white garden furniture without paying the price of reduced practicality? It’s all very well having a stunning exterior design, but if you can’t use it for fear of sullying it, what’s the point?

All too often the iola team come across the belief that garden furniture can be either stylish or practical. Yet we do not believe that this is the case.  We believe that outdoors furniture not only can be both, but should be both. We strive to create innovative, beautiful designs which don’t force clients to choose between the look they want and the performance they need.

The badly kept secret to our success lies with the materials we use in our white rattan chairs and other white rattan furniture designs. We use German-engineered, white wash Stressflex ™ polymer fibres to create stunning white rattan chairs, sofas and tables which perform perfectly and look simply stunning.

iola’s white rattan range is categorised by a random blend of light and dark whites to ensure a softer, more natural look and feel. No other vendors in the UK sell white rattan furniture of this calibre. Our contemporary white rattan chairs start from £239 and include a cushion made from weather-proof, marine grade reticulated foam and Sunbrella fabrics.

By using the very best materials in our white rattan chair and sofa products, we ensure that our chic, eye-catching designs hold up to the weather as well as they hold up under a stylist’s scrutiny!  The polymer fibres we use are expertly engineered to last, combining impressive flexibility, strength and resilience with almost perfect weather proofing.

If you’d like to learn more about iola’s signature white rattan chairs, or about any other piece in our white rattan furniture collection, please view the rest of the website or contact a member of our helpful team on 01483 277 266 today.


Rattan effect garden furniture: The beauty of rattan, but durable

When people talk about rattan effect garden furniture, what they mean is synthetic rattan. The materials used in rattan effect garden furniture are generally PE rattan, poly rattan or man-made versions of the natural vine which used to be harvested to make rattan furniture. The synthetic side of the business came about because the natural product cannot withstand rain, UV or high moisture conditions. In short, natural rattan will rot if left outside.

This is where rattan effect garden furniture, and iola, come in! Our rattan effect garden furniture is not traditional rattan, yet it is also not a cheap substitute. Some strains of rattan effect garden furniture are made from very low-quality, ‘plastic-y’ man-made materials which look dreadful and perform badly too.

This is not the case at iola. We use the very best, German-engineered synthetic rattan which has been expertly developed to look just like the real thing but offer incredible durability, weather resistance and flexibility. We’ve kept the gorgeous soul of real rattan but given it a smart, modern twist.

The fibres we use in our rattan effect garden furniture are five times more durable than conventional synthetics and sourced from leading German manufacturers. 90% of rattan effect garden furniture suppliers source their materials from Chinese providers. These Chinese fibres are typically made of PVC which has a normal life span of just 12 months. When you choose iola furniture you are buying beautifully designed furniture which will look chic and last perfectly for years and years – whatever the weather!

The quality of the materials behind our rattan effect garden furniture allows us to create impressive and innovative contemporary designs. Our fibres have increased flexibility, allowing our talented Cebu weavers and leading designers to take rattan to places it has never been before!

If you’d like to learn more about our rattan effect garden furniture, please take a look at exactly what we can do in our online collection. Alternatively, please get in touch with our team on 01483 277 266 today.


iola supplies Virgin Active

iola is proud to supply the UK's leading health club chain, Virgin Active. Virgins management came to us with a requirement for a high quality materials and a commercial grade specification, coupled with furniture that was in keeping with their exclusive spas.


Rattan Settee

Stay tuned for the release our our 2012 collection of rattan settee, sofa and dining sets, all constructed to commercial standards not found anywhere else. Download our catalogue or drop into our Showroom at Smith Brook Kilns in Cranleigh, Surrey


Bespoke Rattan Garden Furniture

Ever notice how 99% of all internet based rattan furniture dealers sell the same furniture? It is a fact that 75% of all of the UK rattan furniture comes from 10 factories in China. These factories use identical materials, the weaving staff do the rounds and they copy each other to the point that the industry is commoditised at the low end of the market. 


It is not hype or puffery when we say that iola are the ONLY rattan furniture dealer who can create true bespoke rattan furniture. One off iterations from our collection. We get asked regularly to copy something a customer has seen in a book or at a hotel. We politely decline. All of our work is original. The point we are trying to make is that all good quality manufacturers focus on particular themes and colourways and it is very difficult to obtain a small number of units to suit a retail customer (volume is the norm). But at iola we realised that our customers are as individual as our furniture and we do our best to accommodate.

Take a dining table. Ever seen a 12 seater rattan dining table? We mean a proper 12 seater that allows generous space between the chairs as opposed to something similar to a sardine can. Our 12 seater tables are 3M long! One piece and in any one of our colour ways. Bronze, White Wash etc. The reason we can do this is that we own our factory. No other UK supplier is in this position. We control what we make and can alter dimensions to suit our customers needs.


iola is a high end quality garden furniture dealer who only uses the very best raw materials in the industry. iola means luxury rattan furniture that lasts

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