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iola's garden furniture is now sold all over the World, from Fiji to Dubai. We have been in business since 2008 and have gained a reputation for high quality, integrity and flexibility in meeting our customer's needs. Whether that be a private residence or a large Hotel, Golf Club or hospitaility venue. We've assembled the leading industry materials, employed highly skilled craftsman and incorporate cutting edge design to create what we feel is the best Outdoor Furniture on the market. Our point of difference is in our attention to detail and our willingness to deliver a customer focussed solution. We are the only manufacturer in the UK who can produce Bespoke and made-to-Measure Outdoor Furniture. Whether that be a 4M long dining table to seat 16 or Fire-Pit furniture made to the radius of the structure.

Today we interact with a wide range of customers either directly or via design professionals. From intimate garden projects to large and complex residential projects, to Resorts involving thousands of pieces. We combine design, skill and technology, along with over 30 years’ experience in the world’s most prestigious rattan factories and iola’s unmistakable flair for design. We are particularly proud of the brand new ‘Sail Bed’ which was inspired by the Sydney Opera House and designed by Gidget McNevin, our in-house award winning designer. This piece of all weather garden furniture is at the cutting edge of outdoor furniture design, is truly exceptional and is a testament to our team of expert rattan furniture manufacturers. Thanks to them we have been able to create all weather rattan garden furniture of unparalleled quality and desirability. The Sail Bed takes an incredible 27 days to weave and incorporates a mechanism which permits the sails to rotate about the base, enabling the user to control the amount of direct sunlight exposure, or increase privacy.

95% of garden furniture you will see on the internet and in garden centres is the same. Made from the same fibres and fabrics. It mostly 'knocks-down' such that it can be shipped in the smallest box possible. The drawback with this is that it lacks any real structural integrity and you have to assemble it, leaving unsightly joints. There is nothing wrong with vendors supplying this market. It's usually very affordable. But it is not high quality and it won't last long.

There are also a few European brands. Some are good quality, some are not what they seem. None of these brands offer any customisation

Beautiful all weather garden furniture incorporates three key elements; cutting edge design, high quality raw materials and craftsmanship. At iola we only use the very best materials and highly skilled craftsmen. Each and every supplier of the materials we use has been chosen because they are the unsurpassed experts in their field. German fibre from Rehau™, fabrics from Sunbrella and our exclusive Italian Mill create iola’s exclusive range of Italian performance fabrics. We were the first and only manufacture to use reticulated marine foam in Europe as standard, which enables the all season outdoor performance of our all weather garden furniture. We use commercial grade alloy frames and marine grade (316) stainless steel for all exposed fittings.

All of this detail, quality and design is somewhat diminished if the product becomes unobtainable by virtue of a very high price. We strive to supply the highest quality all weather rattan garden furniture, which is not bettered by any other brand, whilst maintaining a reasonable price point.

We hope you take pleasure in our collection of stunning photographs presenting our beautiful, inimitable all weather garden furniture creations.

The iola vision...

iola was created from my initial research as a customer. What I found was mostly poor quality furniture with wide variations in price, and little detail on what you were buying as regards the quality of the materials that went into the furniture.

My goal was always to produce the best quality, design lead garden furniture. Exceeding the standards attained by the leading European brands but also offering flexibility in design, dimensions and colours. Our furniture has been incorporated in many BALI award winning garden projects and we are the go-to resource for the Landscape profession when they seek something special, high quality and unique.

At iola we shout about the materials we use because we know they are the finest available. We do not simply claim to use good quality materials and stop there. We list the brands we use so customers can assess our product thoroughly. We are not just confident; we know our all weather rattan furniture is the finest available in Europe. Spend some time with us here and find out why you should purchase all weather rattan furniture from iola.

We consistently dominate the markets we have operated in because our discerning customers have quickly realised that there is no other supplier in the marketplace who can match our all weather rattan furniture.

Adam Kay

Teak aluminium rattan If you require any further information about our range of all weather rattan garden furniture then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team here at iola. Visit our showroom or call 01483 277 266 or email: